A New Found Craving

by Grace C., NUUC Youth Delegate

I have always felt a connection to Unitarian Universalism. However, before General Assembly, I often found myself conflicted. I was uncomfortable speaking with others about my religion and felt unsure of how to put my faith into action. Participating in Justice GA completely changed my viewpoint. One workshop in particular influenced me greatly. In this workshop, the participants were encouraged to state what about Unitarian Universalism draws them to social justice. When I got up to speak, nerves were replaced by a need to share my story and something clicked. I then realized what my religion really means to me. I realized being UU has provided me with the resources and the support to change the world I live in. General Assembly has left me with a new found craving to preach the UU faith, as well as the confidence to carry my principles outside of Neighborhood in to the community.

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One Response to A New Found Craving

  1. Lisa Groening says:

    This is beautifully put, Grace. Thank you.

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