The Honor to Witness and Experience

-Frank Colcord, NUUC Youth Sponsor

This year at General Assembly, I was honored to find myself experiencing it primarily through the eyes and hearts of our 14 Senior High Youth in attendance.  I got to experience (again) the wide-eyed amazement of seeing 3,000 Unitarian Universalists all in one place and feeling the energy of 300 UU youth all in one room at one time.  I got to hear our youth embrace the issues at hand – passionately and articulately discussing and debating what they had heard that day, on everything from immigrant rights, to class bias, to reproductive rights. I got to feel their excitement as they stole the spotlight Thursday night with six of our graduating seniors crossing the stage during the Bridging Ceremony. I got to take pride in seeing our youth represent our congregation as active, conscientious, and engaged delegates – getting themselves to 7:45 a.m. caucus sessions, voting cards in hand, and even being the voice of the Youth Caucus at plenary as the year’s CSA was debated!  And I got to witness our youth as the tight-knit group they are, and as individuals breaking off to explore things on their own, and as fellow UUs bonding and making friends with other youth and adults from other churches.  Mostly though, I got to experience our youth (and myself) being better for their attending this amazing event.

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