An Altar in the World

For a number of years now, we have had monthly theological themes for worship.  They gave some structure to our year, served as discussion points for Chalice Circles (sign ups coming in September), and gave Hannah and me food for thought. This year we are going to use Barbara Brown Taylor’s An Altar in the World  as a source for the monthly themes.

The second Sunday of the month will be our “theme” Sunday (September will be the third Sunday because of Labor Day).  Each Wednesday prior to the second Sunday, I will lead an open discussion of the theme.  We will meet at 7:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary and begin with a very short meditation, followed by a discussion.  Check our e-weekly and Sunday green sheet for updates.  No registration is necessary; just show up and join the discussion – but read the chapter first!  Copies will be available on the patio at the bookstore or get your own copy.


September:  Vision
October:   Reverence
November:  Benediction
December:  Incarnation
January:  Groundedness
February:  Wilderness
March:  Vocation
April:  Breakthrough
May:  Sabbath

The heart of Taylor’s book is that we meet the sacred, the holy, the divine in the world and that spirituality is very much centered in experience, not just a matter of belief.  So, if you were to build an altar, where would it be and what would it symbolize or commemorate? What would it look like?  These are questions we will explore.

See you in September!


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2 Responses to An Altar in the World

  1. Sara Willard says:

    Are the posts only for the ministers, or can congregational members also express their thoughts?

  2. nuucblog says:

    Comments are a wonderful way to encourage further dialogue and we hope everyone who would like to participates.

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