I voted today – mailed in my ballot as I do each election.  I do miss going to the polls on election day.  There is something so democratic about standing in line with neighbors, checking in, and closing the curtain behind me to vote.  But mailing in my ballot is convenient.  It has always amazed me that we make voting so inconvenient for so many, and the attempt this year to make voting even more difficult is saddening.  Power really is best when it is shared and voting is one of the last places we have to enshrine the sharing of civic power.

Of the propositions on the ballot, one that stuck out was Prop 34 to eliminate the death penalty.  We are pretty much alone among developed nations in supporting the death penalty and to me it is just barbaric.  You would think all those folks calling themselves pro-life would line up behind this, but logic has never really ruled in the political or social arena.

It may be that some people deserve to die for what they have done.  There are some people who have committed truly unforgivable, truly evil and heinous acts, but I do not believe any one nor any government agency has the right to put another person to death. Even if there is no doubt of guilt, killing people demeans and diminishes us.  It is partly for our sake that I think the death penalty should be abolished.

Mahatma Gandhi was once asked what he thought of Western Civilization. He said that he thought it was a good idea. Here is one chance to try it out.

See you Sunday,


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One Response to Civilization?

  1. Exactly. Who is the government to say who dies and who lives? It’s amazing how the ‘small government people’ want big government (and if killing people isn’t big government I don’t know what is) whenever it fits their social agenda.

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