More Than a Meal

Delphine Vasko, NUUC Member

As the mom and dad of two-year-old twins, my husband Matt and I are often asked how we survived those first few months… you know those months, the ones that pass in a haze of sleep deprivation, round the clock feedings and dirty diapers. The ones when you realize while half-watching the evening news that you’re still in your pajamas and haven’t brushed your hair or your teeth yet. Those months can be especially difficult when you live as far away from family as we do.

Luckily for us, and for our kids, we are a part of an amazing community here at Neighborhood and with the support of the Pastoral Care team and our wonderful friends, we made it through. Delicious meals, seriously delicious meals, were delivered every other day. With these deliveries came amazing people who offered to hold babies, change them, fold the laundry, clean some dishes, whatever we needed. And then, when Matt had to go back to work and I was concerned about being outnumbered – OK, let’s be honest here, I was petrified about being outnumbered – the Pastoral Care team arranged for someone to visit every day around lunchtime so that I could have a little adult company and get something to eat. I don’t think I will ever be able to express how much of a lifeline that was for me.

This summer Matt dislocated his knee. One of the first calls we received was from Pastoral Care asking how they could help – rides to the doctor, someone to watch the kids. It was reassuring to know that we had that to rely on if we needed. About a month ago, we got to participate in the other side of Pastoral Care by delivering another family with a newborn. It was an emotional time for me because I now know what the meal means. I know what the visits mean. It means we are not alone. It means we are here for each other. It means we are part of the beloved community that Jim talks about. It means we are loved.

Want to get involved and help with Pastoral Care?  Click  HERE to download and fill out  our annual survey.

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