To Remember and Honor

Rev. Dr. Jim Nelson

Halloween, Day of the Dead, All Saints Day: time to remember those who have passed through our lives and recognize the spirits that still live with us and in us.  It is a haunted time of the year, days growing shorter and the nights longer, a chill coming on in our Northern Hemisphere.  In the East, in the aftermath of Sandy, it must seem darker and colder than normal, and the haunting deeper.  Our prayers to everyone affected by the massive storm.

We live in a world filled with mystery, but also filled with light and clarity.  Masks are worn on Halloween, but we usually know what is underneath.  We might say “trick OR treat” but expect that a treat is at the end for sure.  We know that in spite of all the frightening masks and goblins and spiders and ghosts, that the world can be a warm and loving place.  We know that we can add to the warmth by reaching out to others and practicing compassion.

It is in the “in between” that we live, and make decisions about which way to lean.  We can choose to be kinder or less kind, warmer or colder, more loving or more indifferent, generous or stingy.  We can be scared by the spirits of the past or comforted by them; we can hide behind a mask or use masks to reveal something deeper.

It is a great time of the year.  Time to remember the dead and honor their memory; time to dress up and eat sweets; time to be scared without fear.  Time to welcome all the ghosts and goblins, Jedi warriors and princesses, pirates and all the creative costumes out there.


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