The Inherent Dignity and Worth of Every Person

Rev. Dr. Jim Nelson

I wrote this the day before the election:

One more day, and then we can move on, hopefully forward with a commitment to more liberty – the kind of liberty that honors same sex marriage, a woman’s right to own her own body, the importance of unions, the reality of climate change, the secular basis of our government, the pluralism we hope for and the diversity we are, the care of the disadvantaged and the dis-empowered. Let’s hope the outcome is one Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln, Susan B Anthony, Martin Luther King Jr, Frederick Douglas would be proud of.

Now, a few days after, we can be proud and pleased. There were many telling images. The  most moving, perhaps, was the contrast of the crowds in Boston and Chicago – the one in Boston was just almost exclusively white, while the one in Chicago was truly diverse, many people of color, gay and lesbians, young old, male, female.  It looked like the America that is and is becoming more so.

This bodes well.  Our faith has always looked forward; we are a progressive faith after all.  We have our traditions and we honor the past but are not bound by it, believing that freedom in all things, and especially in faith, is what is best.

The wins on specific issues, like marriage equality, were especially gratifying.  It has been a 40+ year journey for us and it is an expression of our first principle: the inherent worth and dignity of every person.  And now we continue to move forward, heads held high, hearts and minds open.

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