Prayer for the New Year

Prayer for the New Year

Dear Gods and Goddesses,
Of many names and
no name,
Spirit of Life,
Grant us, we pray, open minds
And open hearts in this New Year.
Not just in our own lives,
Each of us,
But for all of us.
Let this be a year of greater peace,
Of growing compassion and acceptance.
Give us the courage and the wisdom
To care for others,
For those who need our help and our support –
The poor and the homeless,
The troubled and the lonely.
Urge our leaders to turn away
From the love of power
To the use of power for the common good.
Help this nation be a nation
Rather than a business.
Get rid of guns, we pray.
Expand the right to marry to all.
Let women make their own decisions about their bodies.
Set fact above belief in learning
And kindness, justice and compassion above ideology.
Help us learn to care for the earth
And stop our destructive ways.
Let us listen to and follow the better angles of our nature.
Open our hearts and open our minds,
And let us give thanks for this beloved community.
Rev. Dr. Jim Nelson

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