In Gratitude

It is deeply satisfying to observe individuals and groups work so well together as we NELSON-JIM-85did last Sunday when a medical emergency occurred during the second service. Our staff and board members have been trained in our emergency procedures and I’m pleased that we were prepared.  Deep thanks and kudos to the health care professionals who responded, to members who helped, and knew when not to help, and to staff who were immediately available. I was very impressed and so grateful.

Sunday also highlighted our need for emergency medical equipment.  Our medical professionals have recommended that in addition to a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope we purchase a defibrillator that costs $1,200.  We know that this is an important, and potentially, lifesaving purchase.  If you can help us raise funds to purchase this, please click HERE.  You can also send donations to the church office or in Sunday’s offering marked “medical equipment.”  We are deeply grateful for any assistance.

We call ourselves a beloved community, and that we are. Being prepared is one way to show our love and care for each other.

Rev Dr. Jim Nelson

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One Response to In Gratitude

  1. Trina says:

    I was there, and I too was impressed with how unflappable folks were. Tom wasn’t able to attend the service on Sunday, and when I told him about the emergency that happened in church, I described everyone’s reaction as being “exactly what you’d expect from a room full of UUs” – helpful, but calm, thoughtful and practical. That’s my kind of beloved community.

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