Jericho Road Project of Pasadena

PETRIE-KIT-103The only church-related work I continued during my sabbatical was for the Jericho Road Project of Pasadena as a founding board member.  For while it was Neighborhood Church that played a critical role in launching this wonderful organization, it has since become an independent entity, with a full-time Program Director (Melanie Goodyear) since July of 2011.  JRP connects volunteers who have professional skills with local non-profits in need of those skills for time-limited projects, building both operating capacity for the organization and a rewarding volunteer experience.

I have lots of good news to share about JRP.  First, we have plans to become our very own 501(c)3 non-profit organization at the start of our next fiscal year, July 1, 2013.  When I first arrived at NUUC in 2007 and was charged with bolstering our service and social justice programming, there was much talk about having a “signature project.”  I’m  pleased this has come to pass in JRP.

Second, we are happy to welcome long-time NUUC member and Green Street restauranteur Bob Harrison to our board.  He will be in the pulpit this Sunday, to share all the good reasons to support JRP financially for our Special Offering.

2012 accomplishments include:

  • 1,650 hours of volunteer time given, tripling 2011 hours
  • Volunteer time worth $134,000
  • 50 projects completed for 41 nonprofits

Here is a snapshot.  Pasadena’s Convalescent Aid Society is just one of the many clients JRP recently served.  In continuous operation since 1923, CAS offers medical equipment and supplies for in-home use at no charge and without time restraints. The nonprofit is entirely funded by monetary and equipment gifts and endowments. Amazingly, CAS staff oversees more than 18,000 items – from arm slings and adult diapers to canes, walkers, commodes, bath benches, and hospital beds. Equipment is repaired, cleaned, and sanitized before being loaned to a new user.

Read more about how JRP volunteers have helped CAS.

Rev. Hannah Petrie

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