Giving Simply * Simply Giving

GivingSimplyFinalmedres-001It’s that time of year again when we consider how much Neighborhood Church means to us and how we can support it.  It is pledge time – the time each year where we recommit ourselves financially to the church for the upcoming fiscal year (June 1 – May 31).  Over the next four weeks you will hear more about this community of open hearts and open minds, hopefully inspiring your generosity in giving.  Simplicity is our theme, trying to focus on what matters most and making it as easy a possible for members and friends to pledge.  Much of this will be done on-line so look for emails, check the website and Facebook page.  It is a new world, isn’t it?

I have seen a lot in 30 years of ministry, but some things remain constant: the longing for community and the opportunity to live a better life, the desire to learn and to watch our children learn and grow, the hope for inspiration through words and music, the ability to share both sorrows and joys, the opportunity to ask questions about the meaning of life. We gave up notions of eternal salvation long ago, but we have held on to the belief that we can live good lives, lives worth living.  Where else does all of this happen?

I love Neighborhood Church. It is a terrific congregation filled with terrific people.  It has made a big difference in my life, and maybe it has in yours too. We are there for people in need; we celebrate with those experiencing joy; we mark passages of life; we do good in the community; we stand up for the right things.  It is an honor to serve as your minister.  This year for our pledge drive, I simply ask that you consider what the church means to you and pledge accordingly.  Of course I hope you will be generous – it would be nice to have some extra money to use –  but this pledge time is for you.  It’s a chance to give to something that matters a lot – to a beloved community dedicated to making lives better and the world better.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all.


Click HERE to pledge today.

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One Response to Giving Simply * Simply Giving

  1. Sam Westcott says:

    Love the campaign theme! We’ve pledged. Cheers, Erin and Sam

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