Giving Simply: Being the Change You Want to See

My wife, Jennifer, and I both grew up in the Christian Church, but after reaching waters_smalladulthood, kind of let religion slip away. In our forties, with two young children, we began to long for a church where we could explore our spirituality without having to wade through a lot of distasteful dogma. We also wanted a place where our children could begin to get some lessons in human values which public schools just don’t have time to teach much any more. We found these things at Neighborhood Church.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” is a phrase you hear a lot at Neighborhood, and the church supplies many opportunities to do this, from volunteering to do good works in the community to traveling to Mexico to help build homes for the poor. Over the past six years, through attending services, Chalice Circles, and other activities, we have made many friends. We feel like we belong to a community; a community of like-minded people, who believe the environment needs better taking care of, that women should be able to make their own decisions about their bodies, and that LGBTQ people should have rights equal to straight people.

While every church has as its goal to lift up its members spiritually, every church also runs on money. There are buildings and grounds to maintain, staff to pay, and a hundred other bills. We see our financial support of Neighborhood as one way of making the changes we want manifested in the world possible, and a way of making sure this force for good continues to exist in Pasadena.

George Waters, NUUC Member since 2006

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