Spring Fever

PETRIE-KIT-103This has always been a very busy time of year for me, when so many wonderful events are about to take place:  the Building Bridges Breakfast, Big Saturday, a film-screening (Trans).  My mind is abuzz with communications, details, planning.  On top of this, I have Spring Fever, which means I have to be outside a goodly portion of the week, or I have that sinking feeling that I’m missing out.

Do you ever get that missing-out feeling?  That’s when you should yell, “stop!”  And figure out when you can make time to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and golden-green hues of spring.  (“Nature’s first green is gold, her hardest hue to hold . . .”)

When I was in college, I played Ultimate Frisbee two or three times a week, about half of the year.  It was such a great counter-balance to all the studying inside: running around a soft green field, surrounded by cool people having athletic fun.  I played Ultimate as a young adult, in Eugene, then later in Michigan and Florida  before I moved here almost six years ago.  Then I stopped.  I was too busy.

I’ve decided to take it up again, knees be damned.  Okay, so I have to wear a brace now.  Okay, so I get winded more easily now, and I’m not as fast.  But I’m only getting started.  I will get faster, less winded.

Here’s a no-brainer:  being outside and getting exercise is good for my overall productivity.  My brain works better, more efficiently, so there is time to exercise.  Honoring the needs of my body is good for my spiritual fitness, too.

I am thankful for my senses, time, and my body, as I receive the gift of Spring Fever.  How are you receiving it?

Rev. Hannah Petrie

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3 Responses to Spring Fever

  1. Suzanne says:

    Spring always gets my attention because I’ve forgotten how unapologetically alive the Earth is. I stay collected in my inanimate, lifeless buildings, but then Spring says, “Remember?” This year I’m pondering how breathless and slow age 38 has made me. However, I will wax grateful. I’m sure I will prefer 38 to what’s coming someday. 🙂

  2. The older I get the more feverish I get in Spring; everything seems to speed UP! This may be preternatural. I had to look that up, but I think it’s true anyway. Somewhere along the line of my life getting older, something in me broke free, my senses REALLY opened up, and now I feel like I’m in total cahoots with Spring. It doesn’t even seem quite logical (who cares?), but after a hip replacement and several other physical catastrophes, at 56 I feel more loose and fluid than ever, and this really sprouts with Spring.

    A lot of that looseness and fluidity is in my head and soul; a lot of it has to do with dropping the passed-on party line about getting older. The rest of it has to do with Spring.

    The way it all looks now, I can’t wait for the next to last day before I kick off!

  3. Sue Iri says:

    I hike or walk daily in Griffith Park and my Silver Lake neighborhood. I find that outdoor time is critical to my peace of mind and creativity. Aside from the real beauty I see all around me on these outings, I’m often revisited by my childhood self, feeling the same joy and freedom I felt as a kid in my morning walks in my little hometown, Maple Springs, New York. After two ruptured disks and cancer, I’m thrilled to be able to carry on as I always have!

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