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Teaching as Spiritual Practice

In her acclaimed book, Teaching to Transgress, renown educator Bell Hooks writes, “To educate as the practice of freedom is a way of teaching that anyone can learn.  That learning process comes easiest to those of us who teach and … Continue reading

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Nature is Both Beautiful and Terrible

The photos and videos from Oklahoma are astonishing in the pictures of the devastation.  A lone tree, stripped of most branches and all of its leaves, standing in a field of the wreckage of houses and cars, the videos of … Continue reading

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A Can of Soup, a Mug of Beer, and Jimmy

I opened a can of soup for a late lunch today—and it sent me back thirty years.  Because I can’t open a can of soup alone in my apartment without thinking of Jimmy. Jimmy was a small, frail man with … Continue reading

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Church as a Blessing

Mr. Berk, one of the long-term teachers at Cleveland Elementary, showed up for Big Saturday, vacuum cleaner in hand, to work alongside other volunteers to give his classroom a deep cleaning.  “Neighborhood Church has been a blessing to this school,” he … Continue reading

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Regional Assembly Report: Big Faith, No Borders

This past weekend I attended the Pacific Western Regional Assembly in San Jose. It was a delightful road trip up to northern California with Sara LaWall, Peter Farriday, and Grady Goddard. This assembly gathered together four districts which spanned from … Continue reading

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A Welcoming Society

One of the things Neighborhood can be proud of is being a Welcoming Congregation.  By this we affirm that LGBTQ persons are welcome here, and that we are dedicated to equality regardless of affectional or sexual orientation. It is heartwarming … Continue reading

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