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In the latest issue of the New York Review of Books, there is an article about the concern over the oceans jellifying; that is, becoming overloaded with jellyfish.  It is maybe the scariest thing I have read regarding the consequences … Continue reading

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Preacher’s Sons

What do you do when you think someone you know is making a mistake, in fact a series of mistakes? Do you plunge in with unsolicited advice? Confer with friends about possible interventions? Offer support and aid, in any way … Continue reading

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The Next Tragedy

I was going to write about turning off our cell phones at church or about jellyfish in the ocean, but maybe another time. Instead: yet another shooting has left a number of innocent people dead.  I lived in the Washington … Continue reading

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Volunteerism and Social Justice

I just read an interesting blog about why churches find it difficult to attract volunteers.  (click HERE to read). One of the most important ways I changed the Social Justice program when I arrived here six years ago was to … Continue reading

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Stretching Oneself

I practice yoga about 3 times a week to help me slow down and focus and keep flexible. It’s meditative time to tune into breathing and calm my mind. I enjoy the soundless communal energy and support of the class … Continue reading

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Karma and Justice

In a review in Sunday’s New York Times of a book about cancer, there is the story of Tsutomu Yamaguchi, who was visiting Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945 and survived the bombing. Burned and half deafened, he went home to … Continue reading

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Letting Things Empty

Summer is over and we begin another full program year together this week.  I hope everyone had a good summer, with vacations or time to spend with family and friends, perhaps a pace a little slower than during the rest … Continue reading

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