Our Vision of Social Justice

Neighborhood UU Church serves many functions for its members and friends. For some, it is a weekly spiritual touchstone and social connection. For others, the great Religious Education program provides a structure for their children’s moral development. And for still others, it’s a clearing house of opportunity to be of service in our local community, and walk our UU values of right relations, justice, compassion, and care for the Earth.

On September 29th, our first Neighborhood Church Social Justice Summit was a success. With about 40 people participating, we showcased thirteen of our programs and projects, and that wasn’t even all of them. It was inspiring to see the leaders of our church speak so passionately – how the program or project is making a difference in the world, and how new people can get involved. At any time, inquiries may be made about our Social Justice offerings and, if there is enough energy and concern in the congregation, a new program or project may commence.

While it’s still being tinkered with a little bit, here are our new Vision and Mission Statements:

The totality of NUUC’s Social Justice programs and projects aims to create a more caring, just, and peaceful world.

Through direct service, advocacy and witness, education, and financial support, NUUC’s Social Justice programs and projects provide engaging opportunities for members and friends to gain greater understanding of injustice in its many forms, to take action that leads to systemic change, and to be of service toward a more caring, just, and peaceful world.

Social Justice is one of the most important areas of church life because it can combine ALL the reasons people come to church. When we volunteer and get involved, we open ourselves to spiritual and moral growth, as well as social connection. We learn about our world, and enlarge our character by putting our religious values into action.

What is your passion? What is your anxiety about the world as it is now? Let action be a salve to your worry, and let the world be blessed by your energy and service. Chances are, there is a way you can help the church fulfill its Social Justice Vision and Mission.

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