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Saved by the NFL

While it is good news that the governor of Arizona vetoed the recent bill allowing discrimination of LGBTQ persons based on “sincere religious beliefs” and the NFL, MLB and major businesses urged her to veto it, the amazing thing is … Continue reading

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The Road to Justice

This past weekend, Youth Advisor Lauren Eaton and I took eleven of our senior high youth to Tijuana, Mexico for an immigration justice service/learning trip and border tour.  It was transformational to say the least.  Our goal was to give … Continue reading

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Risky Business

As you might know, I turned 67 yesterday and it is hard to get my head around the fact that I am that age.  When I was much younger I figured that 67 would be really old.  It isn’t, and … Continue reading

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Touching the Homeless on Valentine’s Day

Tonight, two Neighborhood Church members and I are visiting the Union Station Homeless Services shelter on Raymond Avenue. to offer free chair massage to whomever would like it.  This is our third visit this week, and we have several more … Continue reading

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Why Support a UU Church?

John Wolfe, minister emeritus of  All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma wrote: “There is only one reason for joining a UU Church.  That is to support it. You want to support it because it stands against superstition and fear. … Continue reading

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“There is no life that is not in community”

The poet and writer T.S. Elliot came from a longline of Unitarians.  The Unitarian Universalist Church in St. Louis is named after T.S. Elliot’s grandfather, Rev. William Greenleaf Eliot, who founded the church and was a Unitarian.  His uncle was … Continue reading

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Then There is Curling

Like many (some?) of you I watched the Super (not!) Bowl on Sunday, with all of the ads and half-time show.  The ads and half-time were better than the game, although it is great to have special teams get the … Continue reading

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