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Did You Hear What I Heard?

Many of you are likely aware that the first New World leader of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis (aka Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Cardinal and Archbishop of Buenos Aires), was just selected as Time magazine’s “Person of the Year.” I … Continue reading

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Soulful Imaginings

In looking forward to next Wednesday’s Beatles-themed Soulful Sundown, I became curious about the spiritual/religious viewpoints of the Fab Four. It was interesting to learn that John Lennon was a choirboy, and first met Paul McCartney at a church function.  … Continue reading

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Providing Hope

For the past few years, we have had theological themes for sermons each month.  This year, Hannah and I are doing something a little different. Rather than themes, we are using texts. In October, Hannah reflected on Robert Frost’s poem … Continue reading

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What Would Make You More Nervous?

by Ed Kimble, NUUC Friend  What would make you more nervous: being quiet for five hours or writing a prayer to “God?” How about reading your prayer aloud to a casual acquaintance, revealing your sensitive underbelly to someone you’ve only … Continue reading

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Dropping the “G-Bomb”

This morning, our District Executive Ken Brown sent all the ministers in our district an interesting article that appeared in the Huffington Post, about the author’s perception that UUism is moving away from humanism (Click HERE to read). For my … Continue reading

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Sleep Tight and Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite

When I was little, I said a prayer every night.  I would kneel beside my bed and say the prayer many of you know “Now I lay me down to sleep ….”  And then I would get into bed and … Continue reading

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