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Saved by the NFL

While it is good news that the governor of Arizona vetoed the recent bill allowing discrimination of LGBTQ persons based on “sincere religious beliefs” and the NFL, MLB and major businesses urged her to veto it, the amazing thing is … Continue reading

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The Blessings of Love

This Sunday, I’m using a passage from the Book of Ruth for our text of the month.  Five years ago, a lesbian couple used it in their wedding, toward the beginning of the 2008 Summer of Love.  Then another lesbian … Continue reading

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Preacher’s Sons

What do you do when you think someone you know is making a mistake, in fact a series of mistakes? Do you plunge in with unsolicited advice? Confer with friends about possible interventions? Offer support and aid, in any way … Continue reading

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Volunteerism and Social Justice

I just read an interesting blog about why churches find it difficult to attract volunteers.  (click HERE to read). One of the most important ways I changed the Social Justice program when I arrived here six years ago was to … Continue reading

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Bending Towards Justice

The famous phrase used by Rev. Martin Luther King about the arc of the universe being long, but bending towards justice came partially true today with the decision by the US Supreme Court to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act … Continue reading

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A Welcoming Society

One of the things Neighborhood can be proud of is being a Welcoming Congregation.  By this we affirm that LGBTQ persons are welcome here, and that we are dedicated to equality regardless of affectional or sexual orientation. It is heartwarming … Continue reading

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Rainbow Connections

Here is an article that will appear in the May newsletter of Interweave, a UU affiliate national organization that keeps track of congregational happenings in the area of LGBTQ programs and progress. Back in March of 2011 I delivered a … Continue reading

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