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Responding to the World We Are Given

We watched some of the Academy Awards the other night, but turned it off half way through.  Just too much self-congratulary excess for me.  We had seen some of the movies – Gravity, Twelve Years a Slave, Nebraska, American Hustle.  … Continue reading

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The Art of Humanizing

The recent discovery of over 1,400 works of art in Germany, supposedly stolen by the Nazis from museums and individuals, is rather astonishing, and good news.  Mostly modern paintings – though not entirely – the paintings were what the Nazis … Continue reading

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The Bear Comes Over the Mountain

I have been an Alice Munro fan for a long time and it was just so gratifying to hear the news of her winning the Nobel Prize for literature this year.  The short odds were with Haruki Murakami, author of … Continue reading

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