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The Strength to Forgive

There have been any number of commentaries on Nelson Mandela, and universally they have pointed out his courage and his humility.  He never tried to be bigger than his role; he accepted all the praise with grace.  There is no … Continue reading

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Soulful Imaginings

In looking forward to next Wednesday’s Beatles-themed Soulful Sundown, I became curious about the spiritual/religious viewpoints of the Fab Four. It was interesting to learn that John Lennon was a choirboy, and first met Paul McCartney at a church function.  … Continue reading

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What Would Make You More Nervous?

by Ed Kimble, NUUC Friend  What would make you more nervous: being quiet for five hours or writing a prayer to “God?” How about reading your prayer aloud to a casual acquaintance, revealing your sensitive underbelly to someone you’ve only … Continue reading

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Spiritual Practices

This past weekend, 26 of us gathered at La Casa de Maria Retreat Center in Montecito to explore spiritual practices.  Meditation, movement, collage making, prayer, journaling, and silence filled our time, as well as time together in a beautiful setting. … Continue reading

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Stretching Oneself

I practice yoga about 3 times a week to help me slow down and focus and keep flexible. It’s meditative time to tune into breathing and calm my mind. I enjoy the soundless communal energy and support of the class … Continue reading

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