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Soulful Imaginings

In looking forward to next Wednesday’s Beatles-themed Soulful Sundown, I became curious about the spiritual/religious viewpoints of the Fab Four. It was interesting to learn that John Lennon was a choirboy, and first met Paul McCartney at a church function.  … Continue reading

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The Art of Humanizing

The recent discovery of over 1,400 works of art in Germany, supposedly stolen by the Nazis from museums and individuals, is rather astonishing, and good news.  Mostly modern paintings – though not entirely – the paintings were what the Nazis … Continue reading

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A Theology of Songs

A recent edition of the UU World magazine asked readers, “What is your favorite UU hymn and why?” I loved reading the responses. In the absence of a written creed or one scriptural text, I have often turned to our … Continue reading

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