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In a previous post, I discussed with you the nature of interim religious education ministry. Yet, I declined to highlight interim ministry as a specialized call in the shared ministry we engage in as a spiritual community and professional religious … Continue reading

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Responding to the World We Are Given

We watched some of the Academy Awards the other night, but turned it off half way through.  Just too much self-congratulary excess for me.  We had seen some of the movies – Gravity, Twelve Years a Slave, Nebraska, American Hustle.  … Continue reading

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Soulful Imaginings

In looking forward to next Wednesday’s Beatles-themed Soulful Sundown, I became curious about the spiritual/religious viewpoints of the Fab Four. It was interesting to learn that John Lennon was a choirboy, and first met Paul McCartney at a church function.  … Continue reading

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Our Vision of Social Justice

Neighborhood UU Church serves many functions for its members and friends. For some, it is a weekly spiritual touchstone and social connection. For others, the great Religious Education program provides a structure for their children’s moral development. And for still … Continue reading

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Letting Things Empty

Summer is over and we begin another full program year together this week.  I hope everyone had a good summer, with vacations or time to spend with family and friends, perhaps a pace a little slower than during the rest … Continue reading

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Bending Towards Justice

The famous phrase used by Rev. Martin Luther King about the arc of the universe being long, but bending towards justice came partially true today with the decision by the US Supreme Court to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act … Continue reading

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A Can of Soup, a Mug of Beer, and Jimmy

I opened a can of soup for a late lunch today—and it sent me back thirty years.  Because I can’t open a can of soup alone in my apartment without thinking of Jimmy. Jimmy was a small, frail man with … Continue reading

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