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Church as a Blessing

Mr. Berk, one of the long-term teachers at Cleveland Elementary, showed up for Big Saturday, vacuum cleaner in hand, to work alongside other volunteers to give his classroom a deep cleaning.  “Neighborhood Church has been a blessing to this school,” he … Continue reading

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Meaning and Money

It was just ten years ago that the war in Iraq began, and during that time close to 4,500 US Soldiers died and well over 30,000 were injured.  This does not include a much bigger number of those who suffer … Continue reading

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Profound Consequences

Greetings from chilly Chicago!  I’m here this week attending another Meadville Lombard seminary course, this one examining the Hebrew Bible (known in the Christian tradition as the Old Testament, though in a slightly altered form). My classmates and I have … Continue reading

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God is Not God’s Name

In last Sunday’s New York Times was an opinion piece titled “The Blessings of Atheism.” We number among ourselves atheists, agnostics, theists, and probably a dozen other variations on the theme. Central to our identity is freedom of belief, and … Continue reading

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A Matter of Focus

It is traditional to look back at the year, at the end of the year, and we are at the end of the year, so perhaps we should look back.  But why do that?  The past is, after all, past, … Continue reading

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In Spite of Sorrow

Rev. Dr. Jim Nelson Maybe it is the season, but it seems like there is just too much death in the air right now.  We lost a teenager two weeks ago, and a beloved member of the church died last … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving Prayer

It is often in the little things, the details, Often what we miss, we overlook, It’s the small smile, the gentle touch, fleeting, But all of a sudden, The world bursts into light and song, Into beauty and grace, into … Continue reading

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