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Profound Consequences

Greetings from chilly Chicago!  I’m here this week attending another Meadville Lombard seminary course, this one examining the Hebrew Bible (known in the Christian tradition as the Old Testament, though in a slightly altered form). My classmates and I have … Continue reading

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The Church of the Open Mind

From our start as a faith community, we have loved questions as much as answers, and perhaps even more.  Questions open up the world; they can inspire; they feed our curiosity.  We are non-creedal and non-dogmatic because we question and … Continue reading

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The Spirituality of Television

By Christina Shu, Ministerial Intern “Can I be spiritual and still watch television?” Yes I said it. In between my busy schedule working as a hospital chaplain and preparing for ministry, I still find time to watch television. It’s part … Continue reading

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What Matters

I was in Ohio last weekend for a family celebration, and spent four days on the farm where my wife grew up.  It is near Dayton, near the Little Miami River, a couple of hundred acres of rolling land, cultivated … Continue reading

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God is Not God’s Name

In last Sunday’s New York Times was an opinion piece titled “The Blessings of Atheism.” We number among ourselves atheists, agnostics, theists, and probably a dozen other variations on the theme. Central to our identity is freedom of belief, and … Continue reading

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In Praise of Joshua Trees

Rev. Dr. Jim Nelson We’ve had some real heat lately, though not as severe as much of the country.  It has been mostly a desert heat, as it should be – it is where we live, after all.  Some of … Continue reading

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An Altar in the World

For a number of years now, we have had monthly theological themes for worship.  They gave some structure to our year, served as discussion points for Chalice Circles (sign ups coming in September), and gave Hannah and me food for thought. … Continue reading

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